Recycled Plastic Bottle Top Craft

We decided to try a craft using recycled plastic bottle tops. We saw something similar to this at a grade school.
First we cut out our shape. We used a scrap piece of thin board.
Then we painted the shape (a flower) so the board was water-resistant. Let this dry.

Then we put caps of all shapes and sizes on the board in whatever style that fancied us.
These caps come in all colors and sizes, which makes this project
extra fun! The children and I completed this project together. It worked out well because they sorted through the caps and chose the ones they liked while I secured them to the board with screws.  I used a thin board and very short wood screws. However, the screws still went all the way through.
Enjoy your artwork! We decided to make a flower to display it in our garden.

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3 Responses to Recycled Plastic Bottle Top Craft

  1. Jerry Cannon says:

    How pretty. And it never needs watered. It blooms all summer. The perfect flower. Way to go. Jerry

  2. Very pretty! That would make me smile each time I saw it in the garden!

  3. jayne says:

    such a cleaver idea and cute