2 Responses to Hold On

  1. Jerry says:

    What a handsome young man. I’m glad to see he is a tree hugger like his Mom. I always have a soft spot for tree huggers.

  2. Victor Collins says:

    Thank you for your blog. It gave me a much needed boost this morning when I found it when I searched for “a repurposed life”. Woke up this morning feeling a bit disillusioned about life and work. I know I am fortunate and blessed in so many ways; yet at times I feel a void and not sure why. Your blog and your posts recentered and now I am ready to take on the rest of the day with a smile. THANK YOU!! P.S. Love the pup, my English black lab Rupert is now 14 years old and just a year ago lost his aunt who lived to be 16, I could not express how much love both have brought into my life.